Welcome to The SynerG group!

Ad Specialties

Ad Specialitiies are an integral part in every companies business. They are a method of sharing your branding along with advertising your companies specialities.

The SynerG group has partners available to simplify the way you search for and aquire those items and we can help you do it cost effectively and seamlessly. As an ASI member, we have a direct source for brand merchandising. Trinkets and treasures for meetings, trade shows, training sessions, in house brand merchandising and more. 

Key Considerations:

  • Technology-enabled platforms so the service provider’s brand effectively operates as a single channel, orchestrating high-value customer experiences across all touch points. The customer experience it delivers is seamless, consistent and personalized through the integration of agent-assisted channels with digital channels, so end users can interact whenever, wherever and however they want with the provider, across all channels.
  • Web Ordering Portal integrated with the ordering capabilities and pricing specific to your needs.