Welcome to The SynerG group!


With an abundance of information available on products and services, visitors have a variety of choices on where to spend their disposable income. The SynerG Group has identified the best partners available to simplify the way you interact with your guests, help manage employee relations, and maintain an overall operational readiness at your locations across the country or around the world.

Key Considerations:

  • Technology-enabled platforms so the service provider’s brand effectively operates as a single channel, orchestrating high-value customer experiences across all touch points. The customer experience it delivers is seamless, consistent and personalized through the integration of agent-assisted channels with digital channels, so end users can interact whenever, wherever and however they want with the provider, across all channels.

Visitor Engagement:

  • Targeted and localized marketing content

Employee Training:

  • Employee onboarding and Welcome Kits
  • Sales and Operations training.